Psychosomatic coaching

Psychosomatic coaching

How to overcome difficult situations

As a patient-focused fertility centre in Zurich, the primary aim of the 360° team is to provide a holistic, multidisciplinary range of services. For this reason, we offer psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic support in addition to somatic medical care. Coaching is also offered to help bolster your inner strength.

Professional counselling and personal coaching sessions can reduce stress and help you focus more effectively on your desire to have a child. We provide support during all stages of treatment to help the couple find ways to deal with stress together.

A major psychological challenge

  • For many couples, life without children is difficult to imagine. The inability to conceive is a major burden to bear for both partners, and coping with this situation is a major challenge.
  • How can my partner and I resolve the stress that this causes?
  • How should I deal with frustration, disappointment, feelings of powerlessness, anxiety or lack of energy?
  • How do we move on from here?
  • How can I best handle this situation and find ways to dispel my insecurities?
  • How can I respond to feelings of guilt?

Psychotherapeutic support can help you deal with all these issues.

Thanks to advances in the field of reproductive medicine, treatments today are less invasive than ever before. Nevertheless, the process can be distressing for some individuals, particularly if it does not lead to success within a month or two. Many women report that being infertile is the worst crisis they have faced in their lives. Couples sometimes even terminate promising and essential treatments because the subjective burden is considered too great.

At such times, we offer psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic support alongside your medical treatment. We also offer our full support if you change your mind or you wish to take another course of action.

Range of services

Your fertility issues can be discussed from a psychosomatic and psychosocial perspective in sessions – either alone or as a couple – and can include ways on how to best use your own resources.

Consultation schedule

With the online booking tool you can easily reserve your desired schedule for a first consultation and any other 360° specialist field.

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